Empowering Youth with Sustainable Skills

Posted on August 23, 2017

Education is the best tool to bring a positive change in society and MySkills Foundation is doing so with a dedicated team to take care of the needs of underprivileged youths. Led by Pasupathi Sithamparam, MySkills Foundation was established in 2011 to help underachievers and school dropouts, particularly among the Malaysian Indian community. Based on research, this community has a staggering number of 7,000 students dropping out of school before completing SPM.

“MySkills Foundation is a centre where troubled youth are accepted for a transformation experience that changes their attitude as well as enhance their skills particularly on the Emotional Intelligence aspect,” said Pasupathi, Director for MySkills Foundation.

For Hari Hasanah, students from De’Devine Café will be carrying out a muruku frying demonstration as part of their initiative to contribute back to the community. De’Devine Café is a social enterprise venture by MySkills Foundation meant to be a training ground for underprivileged youngsters and high school dropouts to secure practical skills in the F&B sector, working in the kitchen and as part of the service crew. Profits made at the café is 100% used to support the youth.

Further to displaying the students’ capability and learnings from the centre, MySkills Foundation would also like to increase awareness to the public that everyone should have a vital role with the right attitude that will contribute to a safer, wiser and better Malaysia. Based on feedback of the participants in the centre, potential and capable students have a ripple effect in influencing their peers to do better. Hence, it is not just the responsibility of the centre to help these affected youth but a collective hand from the public to pay attention and help whoever is in need.

“We are extremely proud that 638 students have graduated from MySkills Foundation to-date with 200 students with us currently in the centre, following a successful path” added Pasupathi.